The Brews

Nothing tastes better than a refreshing brew, whether you are enjoying it while on a vacation or simply winding down after a long day at work. Great Sex Brewing knows that even though many people love a flavorful beer, there is still quite a variety of taste preferences. That is why in addition to offering our classic amber ale, we are starting to develop other delicious alternatives. Check out each one's description below and find the flavor of Great Sex Brewing that interests you!


Amber/Red Ale: This light golden brown beer is crisp and easy to drink! Relax and enjoy a game with a juicy burger and a few Great Sex amber ales.

Porter: If you are sitting down to a nice meal of barbecue wings, you will want a Great Sex porter! A perfect pairing like this is why every picnic or BBQ party you throw should be accompanied with this dark ale.

Grapefruit IPA: Does the sweetness of fruit tickle your taste buds? If so, you are going to love GSB's Grapefruit IPA! A smooth, flavorful blend of hops and grapefruit, this Great Sex brew is perfect for relaxing on the beach or paired with a spicy bowl of curry.


Where to find the Brews

We are currently under new ownership and therefore are in the process of brewing and bottling our beers. It is our goal to have Great Sex Brewing beer be available soon, until then have fun shopping Great Sex Brewing apparel and novelties! Sign up to receive newsletters and updates at the bottom of this page.