Could there really be a cake that's better than sex?

There is a myth that a certain cake is actually better than sex. Some people believe the hype, while others cannot fathom such ludicrous. So Great Sex Brewing is challenging you to try our favorite version of the cake, with a few tweaks of our own.

Now the alterations that we made are not drastic. Here at Great Sex Brewing we suggest the combo of hot fudge & caramel toppings. However, not everyone is a fan of caramel, so sticking with the original recipe and only using hot fudge is still a delicious route to take. Speaking of picky eaters, shockingly, not everyone likes whipped cream. Therefore, we suggest varying from the original and serving the whipped cream on the side as an option.

With that said, checkout the Great Sex Brewing modified version of the Better than Sex Cake!

For the original recipe, click here!

Welcome to Great Sex Brewing!

We are so excited to be launching our new website and to offer you fun products!

Currently, Great Sex Brewing is working on establishing unique beers for you to enjoy. While we will continue to brew the original recipe-our amber ale-we are also wanting to introduce you to new options such as our porter and grapefruit IPA.  All three brews will be available in the upcoming few months! If you would like to receive updates about our brews, sign-up for the Great Sex Brewing newsletter at the bottom of this page.

What else can you expect from Great Sex Brewing? If the beers, shirts and stickers are not enough for you, don't worry! Great Sex Brewing is seeking to brew up other tasty offerings such as teas, coffee, energy drinks, mints and chap-sticks. Comment and let us know what products and flavors you would like to see!


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