About Great Sex Brewing


The Past

Great Sex Brewing was a young idea that started with two brothers in the 1990's near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. By the turn of the century, the brothers were successful at establishing Great Sex Brewing in beautiful Redding, CA. The company excelled at developing a loyal fan base for Great Sex Brewing and grew in popularity around the company's local area.

The Present

Seeking retirement, the brothers looked for a new owner of Great Sex Brewing that they could entrust their legacy and in 2014, they found just that here in Portland, OR. The new team is working hard to re-brand Great Sex Brewing and brew up some delicious beers, with the intent to become a household name and offer customers quality products and an excellent experience!

The Future

With new ownership and leadership, the team here at Great Sex Brewing is rigorously working to create new product lines that you will soon be able to enjoy! From adding new beers and developing teas, all the way to designing fashionable apparel, our team is excited to see the success of Great Sex Brewing and the fun that the brand will bring to your lives.